Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring time!

It's been a crazy spring...and after planting over 250 tulips last fall, I can honestly say I hate the deer.  They have massacred the tulips despite my best efforts to ward them off with my nasty smelling stuff.  It worked so well with my scant tulips last year so I go for the gold and what do you know?  It fails!  Oh well, they are just flowers, I hope you enjoyed them deer!!

We got back from CA for spring break, the kids had an absolute blast with Gma and Gpa and Mom and Dad had some fun too.  I faced my fears and went on the scariest ride I could think of at Magic Mountain which was Superman- and I loved every second (of which there were like 6)- It was AWESOME!!

Here are some pics because you all know that my other blog is where I do all my blabbing and here is where I get to show off the babies.

Cayden our track star!  He rocked it out to the finals that were today actually.  He did really well and we couldn't be more proud!
 We are freezing at one of his track meets- Spring has not been the warmest!

 I am so happy...I'm at the beeecch!

 The kids played for hours in the tide and collected shells- the best entertainment there is.

 Magic Mountain- 3 minutes from my parents home- doesn't get better than that!

 They discovered "Tital Wave"- several times

 Buccaneer with Brady

 Swings with Mamma

 Somebody loves her some Spaghetti

 Giving Grandpa lovin'

 Our last supper

 Best friends (and sisters forever)

The family on Easter the flowers finally decide to stop being shy. 
Happy Spring!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Eliza and other important stuff

All Eliza wanted for her birthday was a PINK car seat and squinkies as well as a date night out
with Mom and Dad (which is tradition every other year between parties).  We surprised her with a very pink carseat and headed to The Mayan- her pick...not ours.

She's so ecstatic she can't contain herself!

Staying in the snake seems a better option than going home.

Not a whole lot has been going on at the Ottley's.  Eliza had a couple of other celebrations: one at our house and one at the Ottley's with all the cousins and fam.  She got a pink Strawberry Shortcake Cake with Strawberry herself on top (Cord has the pic and I'm too lazy to grab it from him- another post) and it was yummy!

I headed to Vegas with Cord for a long weekend at the end of February which was fun (but of course with no third person, we have no pictures except the two that were taken at dinners that you pay 25$ for).  I went down again a couple of weeks later with friends (and no pics again for which I have no excuse but that we were having fun and shopping- too busy to take pictures).  

Spring break is coming up and we are very much looking forward to that as well as General Conference this weekend.  I have been loving the weather, it's been gorg.  And that's my exit que, when you start to talk about the weather, it's time to end the post.