Wednesday, December 30, 2009

if it weren't for iphoto!

Thank goodness iphoto keeps track of the dates my photos were taken or I'd have no chance of keeping up on dates of events. Yes, I have slacked big time on my blogs, but it's been a crazy fall/winter. We've had five birthdays (out of six), one baptism, three major holidays, several vacations, and a partridge in a pear tree! I will briefly summarize the last three months with photos and then try to do better at not using Facebook to micro-blog (even though that's really what I've been doing) in the future.

We picked Nellie up from the airport and were so excited to bring her home- she is a lovely furry addition to our family.

Cayden turned 12 along with three other boys in our neighborhood. We threw them a birthday bash they will never forget. We rented out the BYU practice facility and sixty of the boys friends came and had a blast!
My baby brother got married in Virginia at a beautiful vineyard, the only bummer is that it was Freeeezing that day and so the wedding was moved inside, but it was gorgeous nonetheless, and that was a momentous occasion.

Halloween was fun this year, It was a little crazy since Cayden's party was on the same day, but what would life be if not busy. The little girls were so cute in their hot pink leotards.
Maddy turned eight and was baptized by her daddy. We are so proud of her for making that special choice. I know every baptism is special but that day was so tender.
We did the annual Ottley family Christmas party and everyone participated. I feel that I now have blackmail material on Cayden when he gets older.
We spent Christmas in LA with my family and enjoyed the warmer weather. We saw Mary Poppins the musical at the Ahmanson and had a fantastic dinner at the Biltmore hotel after. It was lovely not having to make dinner, a welcomed reprieve.
The line up Christmas morning...even Nellie got a stocking, which she proceeded to attack- it was a singing moose.
My mom and I cooked side by side Christmas day and had so much fun. I feel like a little kid in a candy store at her house with all her china and crystal. She has enough place settings and variety to seat 80 for Christmas alone and it's always so fun to come home and see all the new and fun things she has purchased for the season.

Whew! Now I'm caught up until our next event. That's a glimpse into our life for the last three months- just the facts. It's been three months filled with fun and craziness...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I hope that everyone has had a fantastic holiday season so far!