Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Until about a year ago- "fwimmin" is what Eliza called swimming- I will cherish that forever!


So much to little room (and desire to ramble...)- LOVE ing Summer vacation so far- we're all tan and rolling out of bed swimming every day.

Here are some highlights from the last post until now:

towers spontaneously appear in our front hall- this is the tallest yet (cylindrical)
Grandma has been up to visit twice in the last month- we love having her!
Happy Easter!

She loves to lock herself in Nellie's cage...hmmm
Rolling down the hill at Thanksgiving Point

The "red" room is now gray- just waiting for Cord to install the new chandelier
Grandpa came to visit too- catch on a beautiful spring day
...and a movie
Preschool graduation- all four kids went to Miss Molly- we LOVE you

Women's conference- so awesome every year
Christina's bridal shower- hugs and loves- you da best!
lunch with Gpa
Snow in late May- latest recorded snow fall in SLC ever (accumulated)
Mommy buys shoes, baby buys shoes in mommy's size...

I love my life!