Sunday, September 27, 2009

September Recap

My parents walked into my bathroom I started screaming...I had no idea that they had flown in to surprise me for my birthday (so they did a good job)- that was a fantastic weekend! My dad played football with Cayden and taught him some new moves...
Daddy and Eliza grew a 24 lb watermelon...actually five of them...WOW! They were so proud (and we loved eating them).
Cord and I had a great time going out over and over again for my birthday- I was totally spoiled- I had Kenzi take a picture of us before we left so I'd have a snapshot of the two of us.
I'm wearing ALL of my birthday once. I think my favorite is my reclaimed leather handbag- so cool!
I liked my happy birthday in, it was cute- but I don't know that I love advertising that I'm getting another year older~
Eliza's first day of preschool....
Zander even saved a place for her.
Hannah's birthday at school- her real birthday present comes this Tuesday when we go to the Miley Cyrus concert and then stay in SLC for the night- she is soooo excited
We had to do a "take two" because the bakery shorted me a dozen cupcakes so we did ice cream sandwiches...gotta roll with the punches.
ahh! I hate decisions. I had to choose which dress to wear for my brother's wedding (I'm in the wedding). I came up with three good choices and had cord take pictures so I could see what they really looked like- once this first one gets altered, it will be the winner!

Eliza's first field trip was to Wheeler Farms this past week. She loved chasing the geese who were as big as she is. They were not afraid of her in the least and she can't wait to go back and feed them again.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love Shirl!

From the moment I met the Ottley's and sat on Linda's bed that night, I knew I was going to fit into Cord's family without too much difficulty. Not too long after we were engaged, my spring contract was over and I needed a place to live until the wedding. Instead of renting an apartment clear in Provo (Cord lived in Highland 1/2 mile from where we live now), Cord's Grandma Shirl invited me to live in her basement which was completely empty and set up like an apartment. I accepted and lived with her for about a month. During this month, I quickly fell in love with Cord's Grandma the way I had fallen in love with him. She was charismatic, charming, loving, intelligent, funny, and full of life. She was a night owl just like I had always aspired to be (but my parents always wanted to go to bed at 9pm).

Shirl now lives in St. George with Cord's Grandpa Milt, whom we love and adore. She has written several books geared toward teenagers and young adults- but her messages are relevant for all ages.

In church two Sundays ago, there was a discussion about moral decline. I found it so interesting that this is exactly what Shirl had blogged about maybe three days prior? She has a true gift and I hope you enjoy reading her blog and I believe she will talk about her books.