Sunday, June 28, 2009

A special Father's Day Weekend

We had a fun weekend with our extended family...there were a lot of them.  over 400 people would have been there had the attendance been at 100% but I was impressed at the 220 plus who were able to make it and braved the rain in the middle of June.  We enjoyed hearing all the wonderful things our ancestors did and I feel blessed to have such wonderful heritage.  I met many wonderful relatives who live right here in Alpine, Draper, Highland, whom I didn't even know I was related to.  It was a true delight. Thank you to the foundation for making the weekend possible!   This is my Father's family 

Here is Maddy proudly sporting her Lakers hat that Grandpa Doug brought up for her on the way up to Midway!

Here we are at one of the dinners enjoying our family.  I can't believe we all fit in that room even though it was large!

Just keep swimming swimming swimming

The girls had such a great time taking swimming lessons from their Aunt Missy. They're ready for round two starting Monday adding Cayden to the mix this time so he can refine his mad skills!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My trip to DC

Let me first of all say that I so enjoyed jetting across the country on Virgin America?  They rock! I loved every moment of my flight and I can't wait to fly with them again (can they hurry and come to Salt Lake already?).  

I went with my mother to DC for my sister-in-law-to-be in support of her bridal shower.  Alissa is adorable and I loved meeting her family and especially loved spending time with Jeff (my brother).  It was a great weekend and here I am with Alissa in the middle and Merideth (Alissa's sister) on the right.

Busy beavers!

I'm a bit behind in the blogging department...and sadly, my pink teapot blog takes priority! We've had preschool graduation, dance festival, end of school festivities, birthday parties, and all kinds of craziness.  Of course I got a monster cold right in the middle of it all!  Better late than never, here are the pictures of some of our happenings.

Eliza got "most polite" in her preschool class.  I thought that was so adorable.  Miss Molly talked about our family and she got emotional when she talked about how she had taught all of our children.  We love you Miss Molly!
Cayden didn't look so pleased in this picture.  Perhaps a glimpse of the fact that he once WAS in preschool was just too much for my little man!
Eliza loved her last field trip to the Zoo!  The elephants and giraffes were her favorite.
Zander (Zan) Eliza's cousin is one of her bestest friends!  She loves him!  

Dance the day away

Cayden was under-thrilled as usual to be performing a dance in public.  He tried his hardest to keep the scowl on his face (although I caught him on camera being his happy, sweet self).  Cayd is growing into a man so quickly, it boggles my mind...shhh, don't tell, but I even get a whiff of cologne (thanks to Rachel and Gordon for taking him to Macy's and letting him have samples)-wherever he goes- I'm a proud mamma!

Hannah is all about dancing and performing; she had a blast!  She was so excited to be right up front and I don't think she looked away from the camera for more than two seconds put together.  My little hammy!

Dance festival is always talked about for weeks before the actual event.  I get personal performances (from the girls-Cayden is too manly) and this year, it was hilarious as Madelyn warned us that the lyrics to her song were a bit racy.  "Kiss, love, baby" I believe were the words she said were in the song and that made it "gross".   She was slightly displeased that her partner was several inches shorter than she was, that was an intense topic of conversation!  Oh, and the song?  Yeah, "Singing in the rain"...a version she perhaps didn't recognize, but harmless in our eyes although she was abhorred.