Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob- the Tamale

Monday started as a great day.  I got things cleaned up in the house, fed the kids, cleaned up some more, and fed the kids again.  Then it was time to take Hannah to camp in Salt Lake.  We got in the car (Eliza, Hannah, and I) and headed out.  About 10 minutes from our destination, my car kicked into a lower gear (it's an automatic) and a whole bunch of errors started lighting up.  I pressed my ever-so-handy OnStar button and the magic person came on asking how he could assist me.  I told him my car had freaked out and to HELP!  He did his nifty diagnostic thing and after telling me that there were three errors with the car, he said he'd start with the least serious.  Are you crazy?  Give me the worst news first, since I'm going full-speed (plus 10) on the freeway!  My worst error was that my transmission could be failing and he suggested that I get off the freeway immediately and that he would call for a tow- That's my trusty OnStar guy!  I made it to the off ramp, which happened to be where we were headed in the first place, and I came to a stop at a left-hand turn lane.  Once I tried to accelerate again, my car was acting like it was a manual and wasn't sure which gear it was in.  Oh boy- on go the hazards.  I gingerly accelerated until I moved forward and made it into the parking lot (which thankfully had a bookstore, clothes shopping, AND a frozen yogurt shop)-I turned my car off.  After the tow truck came and we made it to the dealer, we were given a rental and sent on our way (btw- Cord appeared within 20 minutes- my knight in silver armor).  

Yesterday my car was ready and as I went to pick it up, Eliza Jane asked, "mom, are we going to get the tamale?"  I don't think I could ever correct her- of course Hannah promptly piped up and said, "it's a DENALI"- Thanks Hannah!  I think that was her last baby word, and she stole it.  

Since picking up our car, we have decided to affectionately name it "Bob", first because it's shorter than saying "the black car" and second because after what it went through and the fact that it made it to a safe place for our family, it deserves a name.  I dub thee "Bob, the tamale"- hopefully minus the transmission problems!

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Julie said...

I LOVE this post! That was a great story and THANK GOODNESS for on star! (and Cord of course!) I'm glad you're safe and Bob, the Tamale is back and sound!