Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Fall review...

I'm become so bad at updating my blog...and I'm probably not going to do it more often, but at least my photos tell a story and those are never lacking.  

Here is Cayden on his first day of Jr. High.  He's grown 3 inches in a little over 6 months. He's 5' 3" and weighs 10lbs less than me.  His feet are officially bigger than mine and He's a teenager inside and out.  We are enjoying it (most of the time).  Just as you stop worrying if they are going to make it out of their childhood years, you start worrying if they're going to make to their adult years!

Eliza has been in Jazz, Combo class, and has now announced that she wants to take Gym class with her little bestie.  She loves to try new things and is as sharp as a tac.  She Is reading every sign on the side of the road, every title on the TV screen, and every little book she can get her hands on.  Eliza even "reads" the scriptures at night (she repeats all the words after I read them like she has read them herself.  We still call her the baby and everyone goes along with it because they know it's really hard for me to watch her grow up.  She started Kindergarten this September and I enjoy every morning with her and miss her every afternoon when she is gone. 

We've never had our burning bushes turn red in the seven years we've lived here, so when they turned red this November, I had to document it as a momentous occasion as red is one of my most favorite colors.  I loved planting over 200 tulip bulbs that weekend and kept looking up at the bushes and how vivid the colors were.  That evening the sunset was amazing as well.  It was the last beautiful weekend we had before the snow and bitter cold hit us.

The girls on their first day of Fifth (Hannah) and Third (Madelyn) grade.

 Hannah (Sandy from Grease), Eliza (Leopard Kitty), and Madelyn (Girly Pirate) for Halloween.

Hannah Knee boarding in Bear Lake

Hannah's Birthday- 9(?) girls had their hair done and we went for a limo ride to dinner- it was a blast!

For my birthday Cord took me to a John Mayer concert.  This pic was taken by Cayden (future pro photog) just before we left.  Great concert!

Madelyn loves ballet- she just had her recital (pics to come in my Christmas update)- She can't wait to take in the spring because "they are dancing with Mexican fans" she says.

That's our fall update.  Not all that we've done (by a long shot) but some of the highlights of the last couple of months.  

We bought a couple of cars.  Poor Cord, He bought me a Nissan Armada and after a couple of weeks and a carpool with a few football boys and all my girls, I realized it was too small, so he bought me another Yukon XL that fit my family much better.  So no more Bob the Tamale.  The kids named the new car Kirby.  I have no idea why.  We had a bout of Strep throat run through our family, that was fun.  I think that about sums it up.  We are looking forward to December and the cute plays, programs, and parties.  I am almost done decorating the house as of this week and am most grateful to have the opportunity to reflect on the reason that we celebrate this time of year.  

Happy Holidays!


Brandon & Shelly said...

Wow how time flies when your having a good time. So fun seeing your kiddo's growing up.

Julie said...

I LOVE that Mads is in her fuzzy crocs as she does her ballet pose! Seriously...cracking me up!!!!! Love the update! Your kids are DARLING and I'm so happy I know them!!!!!!!